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Training program in Computational Biology and Complex Systems

We offer projects to carry out an internship, your TGF and your TFM in the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya under the supervision of the researchers of the group.

The BIOCOM-SC research group will offer three INIREC fellowships (typically around 500-600 euros per months) to the three best candidates among those applying for the call of the training program on Computational Biology and Complex Systems 2022-2023, for the realization of the TFG/TFM. 

Please contact Clara Prats or researcher responsible of the project you have interest in, sending your CV and a motivation letter.  DEADLINE is OPEN till the three positions are filled.


Atrial fibrillation disease. Subcellular analysis of calcium malfunction

Responsibles: Enric Alvarez and Blas Echebarria

Creació i anàlisi dinàmic d’un sistema tipus SEIR per a la COVID-19 a Catalunya

Responsibles: Clara Prats, Aida Perramon and Víctor López