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LAST MINUTE NEWS ABOUT COVID19. We are updating the information of the new cases and making predictions of the evolution in our webpage. If you want to know the future of the epidemic please follow the link in the title.
LAST MINUTE NEWS ABOUT COVID19. Estem actualitzant la informació del casos nous i fent prediccios de la evolució a la nostra pàgina web. Si vols conèixer el futur de la epidèmia segueix el link the títol.

The complexity and diversity of biological systems have historically been a huge wall for the use of mathematical models. Nowadays, the of use of computational resources and the accelerated process of improvement of the understanding of biological systems at the molecular and particularly cell levels have led us to the threshold of a new situation. Today computational biology is an unstoppable machine of understanding and generation of new practical applications.

The group BIOCOMSC is recognized as a consolidated research group by the Generalitat of Catalonia under number 2017SGR1185. The aim of the group is the use of computational methods to address complex problems in physics, biomedicine and biophysics. It takes part on several PhD programmes:

The integrants of the group also participate in the recently formed Master:

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