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Research topics

We study diverse biological processes, e.g. from molecular level (ion channel function) to cell (motion, contraction), organ (heart beating)  and population level (bacteria proliferation, epidemiology). For that, we use different methods and perspectives with the goal of developing clinical applications for biomedicine and environmental applications for bioengineering.


Cardiac dynamics

Development of models of intracellular calcium dynamics in atria and in ventricles

Contact: Blas Echebarria and Enric Alvarez

Cell Biophysics

Study of cell motion, cell contraction and ion channel membrane properties.

Contact: Sergio Alonso and Laureano Ramírez de la Piscina


Modeling of the three-dimensional behavior in the lungs of the latent tuberculosis and the disease

Contact: Daniel López and Clara Prats. See more information here.


Modelling and analyzing the spread of Covid-19

Contact: Clara Prats and Daniel López 



Engineering of biological systems

Study of models and simulators of microbial systems (bacteria and yeasts) for the development of environment and food technology applications

Contact: Marta Ginovart and Rosa Carbó. See more information here

Complex Fluids

We are interested in bubbly flows in microgravity, of large technological interest in space industry, as well as in  viscoelastic fluids, which present a dynamical behavior depending on the frequency of the forcing.

Contact: Ricard González and Laureano Ramírez de la Piscina