Research topics

We study diverse biological processes, e.g. from molecular level (ion channel function) to cell (motion, contraction), organ (heart beating)  and population level (microbial proliferation, epidemiology). For that, we use different methods and perspectives with the goal of developing clinical applications for biomedicine and environmental applications for bioengineering.


1. Tissue and Cell Biophysics

Understanding of experimental results on cell motion and the stochastic dynamics of ion channels

2. Cardiac dynamics

Computational analysis of the impact of genetic and clinical risk on molecular signaling and electrophysiological dysfunction in atrial fibrillation

3. Infectious diseases

Understanding and prediction of epidemiological dynamics and the natural history of infectious diseases

4. Computational neuroscience

Mapping the spatio-temporal extent of epileptic networks in the human brain and modelling neural communication 

5. Pattern recognition

Application of data analysis and pattern recognition systems in heterogeneous biomedical data

6. Microgravity and Flows

Two-phase and multiphase flows in microgravity conditions and aerosol generation  

7. Other Complex Systems

Study concepts like One health, Thermal winds, and Energy management.