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PhD Opportunities

We offer projects to carry out your PhD under the supervision of the researchers of the group. Please contact us to evaluate the possibilities and the different steps to account for funding. As a matter of examples here some of the projects we are currently offering: 

Mathematical modeling of calcium dynamics in single cardiac myocyte

Blas Echebarria and Enric Àlvarez 

Use of Langevin equations to model stochastic dynamics of ion chanels

Laureano Ramirez de la Piscina 

Phase field models of cell polarization and locomotion 

Sergio Alonso 

Building of virtual lung to model transition between latent and active Tuberculosis 

Clara Prats and Sergio Alonso

Application of Artificial Intelligence algorithms to track medium-term epidemic predictions

Enric Alvarez and Clara Prats 

Modeling insights on cardiac health diseases in children 

Enric Alvarez and Blas Echebarria