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Former students and postdocs



  • Francesc Font: One year post-doctoral research stay in the group (2017-2018). Currently at the Center for Mathematical Research (CRM).
  • Carlos A Lugo-Vélez: Three year postdoctoral research stay in the group (2009-2012). Curreltly at the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge.

PhD students

  • Pablo Araujo: PhD at the department of Agri-food Engineering and Biothecnology. 

  • Pedro André Arroyo: One year visiting PhD Student of the Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora (Brazil): Semi-continuum approach to discreteness.

Master students

Bachelor students

Internship students

  • Katerina Krassakopoulou: Computational modelling of interactions between immune system and Mycobacterium tuberculosis inside an alveolus (Erasmus+ student from University of Patras, 2019).
  • Friedrich Puttkammer: Biophysical computational modeling of the intracellular electrophysiology of a single cardiac cell (Biophysics, 2019, student from the Humboldt University of Berlin)
  • Maria Franz: Deterministic and stochastic modeling of calcium dynamics (Biochemistry, 2019, student from the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich)
  • Dafni Giannari: Comparison study of the Electrophysiology of neurons and cardiac cells. (Erasmus+ student from University of Patras, 2018).
  • Pablo Navarro: From ABM to continuous: A tuberculosis alveolar infection model (Physics Engineering. 2018).