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Biomedicine and Bioengineering

We study diverse biological processes, e.g. heart beating, neuron communication or bacteria proliferation, using different methods and perspectives with the goals of developing clinical applications for biomedicine and environmental applications for bioengineering in food technology.


Cardiac dynamics

Development of models of intracellular calcium dynamics in atria and in ventricles

Contact: Blas Echebarria

Computational neuroscience

Study of the propagation of information through neuron networks

Contact: Enric Álvarez

Natural history of tuberculosis

Modeling of the three-dimensional behavior in the lungs of the latent tuberculosis and the disease

Contact: Clara Prats


Development of agent-based models for the tuberculosis and Chagas diseases

Contact: Daniel López 

Engineering of biological systems

Study of models and simulators of microbial systems (bacteria and yeasts) for the development of environment and food technology applications

Contact: Marta Ginovart