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Biomedicine and Bioengineering

Cardiac dynamics

  • Leif Hove-Madsen, Center of Cardiovascular research, CSIC, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Yohannes Shiferaw, Department of Physics, California State University, Northrige, USA.
  • Rodrigo Weber dos Santos, Computational Modeling, Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Juiz de Fora, Brasil.
  • Alexander V. Panfilov, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Gent University, Belgium.

  • Jean Bragard, Department of Physics and Applied Mathematics, University of Navarra, Spain

 Computational neuroscience

  • Jordi Soriano, Department of Physics, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.


  • P. J. Cardona and C. Vilaplana, Research Institute of the “Germans Trias i Pujol” Foundation, Autonomous University of Barcelona, Badalona, Spain.
  • Joan A. Caylà, Barcelona Public Health Agency, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Domingo Gargallo, Ferrer Group, Esplugues de Llobregat, Spain. 

 Engineering of biological systems

  • S. Bover, Research and Agrofood technology, Monells, Spain.
  • J. Ferrer-Savall Mathematics and applied informatics, INRA, Paris, France.


Complex Systems and Biophysics


  • M. Hauser, Otto von Guericke University, Magdeburg, Germany.
  • Carsten Beta, Institute of Physics and Astronomy, University of Potsdam, Potsdam, Germany.

Excitable media and non-linear systems

  • K. Lindenberg, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California, San Diego, USA.
  • J.M. Sancho, Department of Physics, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.
  • M. Bär, German National Institut for Metrology, Berlin, Germany.
  • H. Engel, Technical University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany.

Complex Fluid dynamics

  • J. Casademunt and J. Ortin, Department of Physics, University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain.
  • E. Meca, Weierstrass Institute, Berlin, Germany.
  • C. Colin and D. Legendre, Institute of Fluid mechanics, Toulouse, France.


  • D. Crespo, Department of Applied Physics, Polithecnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain.